Technology Definitions

  1. Scientific methods to achieve practical goals; applied science;
  2. Overall means for providing the necessary goods for survival and comfort of human life;

Definition Information

  1. Lighting;
  2. Notification; news or news about anything;
  3. Meanings that support the overall scope of the mandate of the visible parts dl’s mandate;

Communication Definition

  1. Sending and receiving messages or news between two or more people so the message is understandable; relationship; contacts;
  2. Communications;

Source: Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI)
Technology Definitions

  1. Technology is the engine of growth through industry;
  2. Technology is already very long lasting and is a contemporary phenomenon and every era has own technology.

Definition Information

Information is knowledge gained from learning, experience, or instruction.

Communication Definition

Communication is a process of delivering information (messages, ideas, ideas) from one party to another party for an interplay between them.