Welcome to WordPress.com. Welcome to the Information and Communication Technology autodidact. This blog is managed by a subsidiary of New village Lubai Muara Enim district lubai southern Sumatran province. As someone who taught himself without direct guidance from someone who is an expert on Information and Communication bidangTeknologi, writings on this blog range and style of writing may not be as expected the visitors of this blog. Writing inspiration comes from the Internet world, if in writing on this blog is not written down the source of origin, I beg forgiveness.

To the younger generation who are studying information technology and communications, who visited this blog, I say thank you. Good writing on this blog to be one source of reference in the search for learning materials. Posts on this blog is a follow-up than I know the information and communications technology in 1990. I first learned to type 186 HP brand computers, operating systems MS DOS version 3.0.

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